Uberduck API

This page explains how to use the Uberduck API. You can generate an API key and API secret in the Manage Account page. Once you have your key and secret, you can make an HTTP request to the Speech API:

curl -u $API_KEY:$API_SECRET \
  https://api.uberduck.ai/speak \
  --data-raw '{"speech":"This is just a test.","voice":"eminem"}'

Sample output:

{ "uuid": "abcd1234-7f75-441e-b0f1-1aee401134d9" }

Then, poll this endpoint:

curl -u $API_KEY:$API_SECRET \

Sample output:

  "started_at": "2021-07-09T17:07:58.679918",
  "failed_at": null,
  "finished_at": "2021-07-09T17:08:10.445369",
  "path": "https://uberduck-audio-outputs.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/abcd1234-96e0-45b3-b036-6feac21764e7/audio.wav"

If the request hasn't yet been processed, path and finished_at will be null. You can see the set of supported voices here.